business and economy and government

introduction to business and economy and government
You have to write an essay on of the topic. (my topic is: BUSINESS IN THE ECONOMY)The following represents some guidelines on what to look at in the essays. It is not exhaustive and not the only way in which you could tackle the questions. I am not suggesting that this is the form that the essays must take. It is up to you what you write about and how you structure the essay.

The essay topic:BUSINESS IN THE ECONOMY – Businesses need to be aware of what is happening in the economy. What three economic indicators are important and how do they affect businesses? Draw on examples of which you are aware.

•    Draw on my lecture material as well as Howard Wheeldon’s talk for this essay.
•    Choose the indicators; Say what they refer to and why they are important to businesses; ie in what way are they important for businesses to keep an eye on; viz. why do they need to monitor trends in that statistic.
•    Illustrate with examples… from your own experience, the papers, and TV news
•    You do not need to refute the argument that these are important for businesses to monitor… you need to show that they are important and in what ways…
•    (MUST write like this Structure) structure it…. (so it makes a good read) and keep to the word limits for each of the sections: Intro & conclusion 200 words each; 3 sections of 700 words each.


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