Buildings and urban designs

Throughout history, both buildings and urban designs have been a response to the socio-cultural and political context and a response to the environment and energy availability.
Answer ONE of the following:

  1. Compare three urban designs of your choice as expression of the cultural and social context leading to their establishment: what aspects are individual and what are in common, and why?
  2. What is the relation between architecture and energy within the cultural and social context? Discuss this using a historical building of your choice.

It might be possible to use an urban design or building that was not discussed in class, but please contact your tutor first.
The essay should be about 2500 words long, with a leeway of max 250 words (10%) more or less. The word count includes footnotes, references, quotations, but it excludes bibliography. An essay without footnoting and references is very rarely an acceptable one.

You are encouraged to use illustrations that are pertinent and relevant to the discussion, and not mere eye-candies; all illustrations should be numbered and captioned and referred to in the text by number.

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