The National Education Group Ltd (NEGL) is the owner of Jeddah school. NEGL is currently renting a building to use as a primary school in Jeddah. The lease contract will end one year from now, one month after the end of the next school year. NEGL has decided to build a new school at a suitable location close by, they already own the land. This new building must be ready to operate at least one month before the first day of the school year after the next. The school’s summer holiday lasts for 3 months.
Your company, Abni Consultancy Firm (ACF) has decided to bid to offer the project management services required for this project. NEGL has not taken decision yet regarding the Strategic Project Plan (SPP). However, NEGL has declared some information about the project including the 4000 m2 size of the project area, and that the school must include 2 classrooms per year group, supplementary classrooms, drawing and craft studies, computer labs, multipurpose rooms, a main hall, a restaurant, an administration section, an indoor playground, an outdoor play area and car parks. The building must be limited to two floors. The school will accommodate 240 students. Your manager has also told you that for NEGL cost is not a big concern.
You have been asked by your manager to develop a draft report to cover some components of the SPP:
• Project scope,
• Project delivery method,
• Contract type,
• WBS, and
• Draft schedule.
• Develop a safety plan (extra 250 words – 5 points bonus)

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