Brand Management (BMG)

Students should choose ONE question from the options below.
You are expected to write a 2,500 word ANALYTICAL essay with a thorough review of academic opinion on the question chosen.
You will need to (a) Understand what the question is asking and be able to set your work in the context of an area of brand management theory (b) Demonstrate a wide knowledge of academic opinion on the topic and be able to analyse this to draw rational conclusions as to the question you have chosen.

You are expected to conduct your own research for this assignment. Brand theory covered in the lectures and seminars should be used to set your work in context but you will need to read a wide range of academic journal articles related to the question and be able to demonstrate an ability to analyse the different opinions presented.


  1. A brand has to have a ‘purpose’ underpinning its identity to survive in today’s climate. Discuss.
  2. Brand image is impossible to manage in an online environment. Discuss
  3. Financial brand valuation and consumer based brand equity are separate concepts and should be treated as such. Discuss.

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