Born A Crime By Trevor Noah

1.Common themes in world literature include humanity, power, love, adventure, and heroism, which can be understood by people no matter where they live or where they come from. Choose one of these topics and discuss how the novel/book you read deals with the theme and subject using specific examples from the text that you explain to show how the book transcends place and time.
2.Character. The most fundamental of the literary elements, the root of all storytelling, is this: character. Explain how the character (or “real” person) grows throughout the story. What events/people/situations/culture changes them from the start. Explain what they had to overcome as far as cultural/class scenarios and/or how conflicts tested them in the book you read. You can focus on the protagonist overcoming specific challenges within the plot/timeline, but do not just “summarize” the story’s plot.
3.Author’s Purpose, style, voice, use of symbolism and language: What is the point of the story and why did the author choose the language and text structure in the story. Investigate and explain how the author creates the story you read and what is striking about what you read. How is prior knowledge/allusion used? Are there archetypes found within the story? What do symbolism, metaphors, similes, other descriptive language that shows “voice” in the story. Focus on analyzing the text structure of the book you read, and how messages are enhanced (or more confused) because of the author’s point of view and purpose of the book.
Each paragraph should be at least 10 sentences long– and should have at least 2 word for word textual examples from the book you read with the page numbers
All but the last question should be without first person pronouns (so no using I, me, my, we); NO using you/your in any of the paragraphs.
Double spaced, typed, spell check, proper capitalization– you will need to proofread your work and then submit it on the Google doc. Identify each prompt with the number– but then reword the prompt so that becomes the “topic sentence/main idea” of that paragraph

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