BOOK: Encounters in the Middle East

BOOK: Encounters in the Middle East

Paper details:
Each student will need to read one of the approved books (see the Book Selection Approval Assignment page). The book and material covered in this course should be integrated into this final report.

Part I: A summary and review of the book read for this assignment.
Part II: A statement of personal travel philosophy with specific goals and objectives you want your travel experiences to achieve and a set of strategies you intend to employ to accomplish these targets.
Part III: Identification of specific lessons or quotes within which you have gained inspiration and guidance in evolving your philosophy and travel strategy.
Each student should utilize this opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the relevant readings and topics covered to date in this course with a discussion relating your philosophy to the book you reviewed and the topics covered to date. This may include a comparison or contrast with specific concepts, such as issues of responsibility, sustainability, cross-cultural respect, authenticity, etc.

Please note the following FAQ regarding this assignment:

What is the required or recommended page length?
There is no required or recommended page length. It is essential that the student show evidence of their comprehension of topics covered in this course and the reading of the approved book.
Rather than concentrating on the length of the report, concentrate on the content and covering the items detailed in the attached evaluation checklist and grading rubric.
Since some books are longer than others the size of the report will vary accordingly.
Do you prefer an essay or outline format for the report?
Essay format is required to demonstrate your ability to compare and contrast specific concepts from the course with events in the book.
Double-space is preferred as it is easier to read online.
Remember to use topic sentences at the beginning of the paragraph so that it is helpful to the grader to find and credit you for covering certain material.
Should I use sub-headings in my paper?
Yes, sub-headings are helpful to the grader in recognizing that you are covering specific sections of the assignment. If the grader has to hunt for information in your report, then you are more likely to lose points on the evaluation.
Do I need to turn my paper in on the TurnItIn Software website?
No. You need not do anything special. The process is integrated into the Canvas system, when the instructor sets up the requirement for a scan by TurnItIn, your paper will automatically be reviewed when you submit it on the Canvas Assignment page.
Since you are reviewing the reports with the TurnItIn Software, should I avoid including quotes?
Students are encouraged to include specific but short quotes from the book, course readings, or the lessons to illustrate their observations. All direct quotations are welcome so long as you include proper in-text quotation marks, in-text citations, and full references at the end of the report.
Please do not include lengthy quotations, or paraphrased summaries from the Internet. This assignment should be written by you the individual student.
If we submit the assignment early, when will it be graded?
There are several sections of this course available this year. Additionally, your instructor teaches several courses with a grand total of over 200 students. It is for this reason that your instructor cannot promise to grade reports submitted prior to the assignment deadline.
The sample book reports include photographs. Are we required to include photographs in our report?
No it is not necessary to include photographs. Any photographs that you do include in your report should include a caption. If the source is from a website, then you are required to include a reference for the photo.
Do you deduct points for grammar and spelling errors?
This is not an upper division writing and communication course, so I do not deduct for the occasional spelling error or error in grammar. There are no points associated with spelling and/or grammar in the evaluation rubric. I do believe that if you utilize a software program, such as Microsoft Word, you should not ignore prompts regarding spelling and grammar. It should be fairly easy to ensure your paper is readable. That stated, allow me to clarify that I should be able to understand your writing sufficiently to award you points for providing the required information.
How should we cite information referenced from the course lectures?
You may use the following format filling in the title of the lecture for the lesson you referenced:
Ralston, L. (2014). “Title of the Lecture.” The Global Citizen. University of Utah.
All papers should include proper in-text citation and a reference list utilizing APA format. Attach your file (i.e., name_bookrpt.doc or name_bookrpt.docx or name_bookrpt.wpd or name_bookrpt.rtf) to the Book Review/Personal Travel Strategy Assignment following the steps described in detail on the Week 1: Orientation Lesson.

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