Bone Marrow donation in children in Australia

Bone Marrow donation in children in Australia

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Assessment: Outline
Description: Outline for a research paper. The outline for research paper must contain a synopsis of the research topic; literature review (one page or 1.25 page); and

research methodology. It should explain the issues you propose to explore; justify the contribution that the paper is making to scholarship; identify and justify the

methods to be adopted and identify relevant preliminary and secondary sources.
Topic: Looking at issues of born marrow transplantation donors in Children in Australia.
(Could you help me with an appropriate title please-Not too lengthy)
Synopsis: reference when you use someone’s work otherwise don’t need it.
literature review (1 page or 1.15 page) simply acknowledge broadly, very brief highlight key issues, how to deal with them or take different approaches/ or issues have

not discussed or addressed from the current law practice, legislations or current clinical practice).
Research methodology: 1. Doctrinal (Critically engage with law legislations or case law, regulations)
2. Comparative (different states of the comparison in Australia e.g. Victoria V.S. NSW V.S Queensland )
3. Conceptual (where you make an argument about a concept or idea and this is definitely where you would make ethical arguments and also perhaps a legal argument)
4. Clearly identify your topic or arguments in the research paper (critically engage with the topic or can disagree with some parts and give evidence to support your

arguments. Arguments in which you must consider both ethical, legal, moral, philosophical, economic, political, cultural or social issues that are relevant to the

issue (Ethical & legal parts are must, economic, philosophical, political, social critically analyse it ). Critically analysis or reflection. Tell the readers how you

will do it/ you are going to do conceptive analysis for example. Also, consider these selected ethical principles: utilitarianism; deontology; right-based approaches;

justice approaches; virtue theories; autonomy; beneficence; non-maleficience; human rights (Do not use all ethical principles; selective picked some that are important

to your topic ); explore issues in depth analysis; major significant changes from the past up to now. Ethical issues in bone marrow: Intimate attachments, parental

autonomy, paternalism, substituted judgement; parent patriae power; conflicts between healthcare professionals; parents and children donator; autonomy of child (right

to refuse or participate); valid consent; best interests of child; potential conflicts.
5. Legal issues, legal acts and legislations relating to bone marrow donor. (Consider things have not addressed or discussed yet in current legislations, clinical

practice as well as law practice).
6.The scope of your paper (relatively narrow topic) recently contained.
Healthcare paper topic: system (legal issues) & beside issues
7. 3 pages in contents; APA referencing consistently
8. Research proposal (bullet points or headings, subheadings properly are acceptable)
9. If contexts are 3 pages in length, referencing page can go over page 4.


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