Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Reflect on how can you use the information on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy in your current or future position. Did anything specific stand out from the lesson and readings? – describe, reflect, and explain

Explain how you can use Knowles’ four principles of adult education in your current or future position. How can you use these principles as an adult learner yourself?

Comparing and contrasting, what did you notice about pedagogy and andragogy? Consider the readings and your experiences. Discuss how will you use both pedagogy and andragogy to create successful adult learner lessons in the future.

Explain experiential learning. How have you used experiential learning in the past and what did you learn this week to apply in the future?

Reflect on and the describe metacognition. Explain how you can use the information about metacognition to become a better trainer/instructor/teacher/professor/guide. Discuss how metacognition relates to reflection?

Identify and describe examples from your own life that align to this theory. How have you transformed over time? Are you in the transformational process right now? Reflect on why or why not.

Research new technology tools and apps that are applicable to adult learning environments. Describe the new technologies and reflect on how you might use them in your lessons. (Discuss at least 3 technological tools.)

Explain how your thoughts about teaching adult learners have changed and how this course has helped prepare you to better understand adult learners.

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