blackberry torch

blackberry torch    TTM Lessons Learned and using knowledge transfer to execute and deliver successful products so as to grow a technology based venture business and develop a Lesson’s Learned assessment (identify technology weaknesses, missed opportunities, leadership issues, weak MAP, Delivery schedule, etc) AND use this lesson’s learned study to clearly demonstrate how this company or a competitor succeeded or can succeed with a future product. also the research should include the following:- 1-the Market Attack Plan (includes VOC, VOD, Market segment, business case, etc) 2. A fish bone failure analysis diagram clearly showing the key issue and root causes 3. A technology functional description, for the key integrated technology, by using the P-Diagram (Input/output/constraint) 4. Technology operation description (basic description of the technology set integration resulting in the desired output performance) 5. IP’s protection strategy developed (carry out a patent search through USPTO or other sources) 6. Technology delivery strategy (include if any technology transfer, partnership or acquisition) 7. Product delivery/commercialization value chain (partnership model, supply chain model, design and manufacturing strategy) 8. Reliability & Business metrics (service calls/month, availability, sales/month, etc) comparisons to benchmark 9. The Management process utilized for the entire TTM process 10. From the above topics and other research, develop a failure analysis assessment (root cause analysis, fishbone diagram, process capability, management structure, go to market strategy, culture and age marketing,  2- read all my comments 3- write about the following-for the reliability and business metrics write a benchmark comparison on ( service calls/ month , availability, sales/month, etc) -the management process i want you to do a TTM process diagram -for the technology delivery strategy write about partnership and technology transfer and acquisitions -for product delivery write about design strategy and manufacturing strategy -creat a supply chain model for the blackberry torch

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