Biology (and other Life Sciences)

Biology (and other Life Sciences)

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This is for Cross sectional anatomy class I’m studying MRI and my prof asked to write paper. Please read the instruction and follow it carefully as she want. ” Before the end of the semester and before your final exam I will expect each of you to pass in a course related article and paper to go along with it. I want you to write at least a three page paper double spaced referencing the article you have chosen. Follow the following guidelines:

Make sure to include why you chose the article and what interested you about the topic

Include the location and institute the article is referencing

Talk about what you know from class in relation to what the article is based on

If your article is about an MRI/CT related issue; discuss what you would do to improve/help the situation and what you feel was done wrong in the first place

If your article is about the success or progression of CT/MRI let me know where you think the future of that imaging modality is going and give me a rough timeline of the steps CT/MRI has taken in its progression from the first scanners until now

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