Bioethics Journal review.

Bioethics Journal review.
Journals: Student will submit a total of 7 journal entries over the semester, which allows for two weeks over the semester to be missed, which may be selected at the preference of each student (a total of 12 weeks are possible). If you wish you may submit 9 and we will drop the lowest 2 scores. Three journal grades will be used for the current event assignment (see below).

Journal entries will reflect on the week?s assigned readings and are due by 11:55 pm the day of class. The journal should be 1 – 2 pages in length and express your thoughts, concerns, conflicts, and/or agreements regarding topics from the reading; entries may also reflect on discussions held in class the previous week. The entry should also discuss whether the readings challenged previously held views and in what way. Journals will be evaluated on thoughtful reflection, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. Journals are not formal papers, and do not need to include a title page or references, unless sources outside of the assigned readings are cited. Journal entries and current events are each worth 3% of your grade, for a total of 30% of your course grade.

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