Bhopal experiences

Prompt responses should answer the question and elaborate in a meaningful way using 2 of the weekly class readings (250 words of original content). Do not quote the readings, paraphrase and cite them using APA style in text citations. You can only use ONE multimedia source for your minimum 2 sources each week. The readings must be from the current week. The more sources you use, the more convincing your argument. Include a reference list in APA style at the end of your post, does not count towards minimum word content.

Select ONE of the following:

1) How can the Bhopal experiences contribute to better preparing for this kind of emergencies in the future? Identify 3 lessons learned in this disaster.

2) Describe the physical, environmental, social and economic vulnerabilities present in Bhopal before the event. These vulnerabilities lead to the consequences we read about. Note: Review Coppola reading on vulnerability (week 2): no need to define each type of vulnerability, it is common knowledge now, Coppola does not count for the 2 minimum sources.

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