BEEM125 – Experimental and Behavioural Economics

BEEM125 – Experimental and Behavioural Economics


Your assignment is to think of an experiment you would like to conduct.

1) Write a 1-sentence research question. (10%)

2) What are the various possible ways of finding an answer to the question you have stated above? Include both experimental as well as any other methods you know. (20%)

3) What do you know already about the possible answers to the research question you have stated above? In other words, summarise the literature on the research question you proposed, including experimental and non-experiment research. (50%)

4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an experiment to find an answer to your research question? (20%)


The overwhelming majority of the works you reference for the purposes of your assignment MUST be academic pieces of research, either written as a book, book chapter or journal article. It is ok to cite one or two newspaper articles, as long as they are illustrating a point, rather than as primary sources. The same argument applies to blogs or other websites. DO NOT cite textbooks unless you have to.

Referencing can be done using whatever method you like, as long as it is consistent. See the referencing style of any mainstream journal (e.g. the American Economic Review) for examples of how to reference academic works. The Bibliography section must include all the works you cite in the main text and vice versa.

The word limit does not include the Bibliography.

You must submit the assignment through Turnitin.

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