Avenue Q

Avenue Q

Actually this should be written after watching school muscial but since I cannot watch please do so.

Here are some websites that have information about cast and article about school article.
you watch other Avenue Q musical.


‘Avenue Q’ ends first weekend, opens second

Avenue Q Review

Assignment Objective:

Since performance is ephemeral and always means something different and (hopefully) exciting to each community that experiences a live production, reviews offer crucial documentation and evaluation of what a piece of theatre looks like and how it functions in a particular time and space. The goal of your review is twofold: first to create a meaningful record of the performance you attended, and second, to place that performance into broader cultural contexts. Your job as a reviewer is to describe important aspects of the production and argue for its significance (or lack) thereof.

Assignment Guidelines: Your Review Will Contain:

Introduction: contains the who, what, where, when and why of a production. Your introduction must have a thesis statement in which you assert what you believe was a GOAL of the production and what two elements of the production furthered this goal.

Short summary: Your summary should be no more than one paragraph long. You do not need to give me an entire synopsis…remember reviews are usually for people who have yet to see the show. This summary should focus on the storyline, yes, but also how this production told the particular story. Be sure to include director’s names, important character/actors’ names and any notable design choices.

Interpretation: This section should be 2-3 paragraphs in which you describe TWO production choices and communicate HOW these productions choices worked as strengths or the weaknesses of the production. For example you may choose to concentrate on how lighting design enhanced the production’s focus on the puppets as 3-dimensional, or how a particular actresses’ performance heightened the productions’ argument about racism. Conversely, you may argue that certain design choices distracted the audience from the intimacy of the text. Either way, this is not a “This was a good play” or “This was a bad play” review. Your interpretation should show that you have a strong understanding of the production and can make clear arguments about its execution of the text.

Analysis: This section of the essay answers the question, “Why Here and Now?” What does this performance mean at Miami University in 2015?

Tips for Success

Here are some issues I’ve noticed for folks writing about theatre for the first time:
•    You are referring to a production, not the play. Pay closer attention to how the script was executed rather than just the story.
•    Plays are italicized. No quotes. Italicized. Like this: Italicized.
•    Bring a notebook to the play, but do not write during the show. Immediately after, take down as many notes as possible. It is not polite to distract audience members with notebooks. Instead, be a thoughtful engaged audience member and record as much as you can as soon as you can after the show.

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