: Assignment 1: The Commissioners? Models

: Assignment 1: The Commissioners? Models

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PART II for me:

For this assignment, work with your group to write and submit one (1) 3-4 page paper that addresses the following:

Part I: Using the maximum number of citations to Course-Covered Materials, which Commissioner Model in the Three Major Leagues is the best? Why?

Part II: If you were to create your own major league, provide an outline of the Commissioner Model you would create, selecting the most favorable components from the models of the Three Major Leagues.

Requirements: One (1) 3-4 page paper per group; use the maximum number of citations to Course-Covered Materials (described below).
Due Date: Assignment 1 is due by 11:59pm on Monday, September 28th.
Group Selection: Students should divide into groups of four (4) or five (5). You will have until 11:59pm on Friday, September 11th to select your own group, after which unassigned students will be placed into groups by the teaching staff by 12:00 pm EST on Saturday, September 12th. Students will remain in their groups for the duration of the semester.
Group Assignments: Throughout the semester, there will be periodic assignments, which are listed on the Syllabus. For each assignment, the work should be divided equally amongst each other. Additionally, a group leader should be selected for each assignment to ensure that all of the work is completed and properly submitted. In each assignment, the group should use the maximum number of citations to Course-Covered Materials, which includes all links, study guides, videos, live session discussions, etc. Citations are sufficient as long as the teaching staff can readily understand what materials you are citing to (i.e. video title would be sufficient).
Group Evaluations: After every assignment, each group member will complete an anonymous evaluation focusing on whether the work was divided equally. These evaluations will contribute to each student’s Class Participation grade.

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