Assessment One (30%) Journal / Portfolio

Assessment One (30%) Journal / Portfolio

please send me the event legacy you chose before you write.
Within assessment one, you are tasked with engaging in short critical reflections of the event legacy literature. Full guidance will be offered within the assessment workshop but you are advised to build each journal entry around a review of two to three key academic sources. These sources will be signposted from the reading list and the seminar sessions will offer a reminder and advice on how to read critically.

Event Legacy: Journal Entry One(750 words)
Select and critically reflect on one specific legacy type. This legacy impact may reflect an area signposted in the lecture and seminar content (e.g. regeneration, community, cultural, destination image, etc.) or may be an additional legacy type identified by your wider reading.

Event Legacy: Journal Entry Two(750 words )
Select and critically reflect on a second legacy type. Again, this legacy impact may reflect an area signposted in the taught content or through your wider reading.

Assessment Rationale: Your structured journal entries will encourage and facilitate a critical consideration of the event management and legacy literature. The academic sources you review – along with the formative feedback you receive for this assessment – may provide the basis of your research ahead of the report at assessment two.

Restrictions on topic choice: You should not choose the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games (and associated legacies) for your journal submission. As preparation for this assessment you will be asked to read and comment critically within the seminar, on a number of academic sources that review the Manchester Games. The three journal submissions should not be based on these seminar readings.

Method of Submission: Each submission should use the ‘Journal function’ in Blackboard – available under the assessments tab – the use of which will be demonstrated within the workshop (hard copy not required).

Word Limit: Each individual journal entry should not exceed 750 words (+/-10%)

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