Assessing your organization’s customer service training.

For this assignment, you will assess your organization’s customer service training. You will focus on the analyze and design phases of the ADDIE model (analysis, design, develop, implement, and evaluate). You will not be developing, implementing, or evaluating a new training.

After analyzing your existing customer service training, design a new program with improvements. Prepare a memo to your leadership team explaining how the customer service training program can be improved upon to ensure that employee and organizational behaviors align with excellent customer service.

Include the components listed below in your memo:

Describe areas of the current training that are deficient.
Define the industry standards and best practices that should be used as a model to establish the foundation of your program.
Identify behaviors and testing models that can be implemented when onboarding new employees—or as a continuing education process for current employees.
Describe measurable customer service standards.
Explain behaviors consistent with good customer service.
Recommend steps the organization should take to develop and implement a new customer service training program. Include specific information about issues facing your community.

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