Artist Interview Paper

Artist Interview Paper

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Artist Interview paper
Interview an artist or a creative person to research their creative process.
A creative person may include a local artist, painter, musician, writer, producer, actor, architect, interior designer, landscape designer, etc. It may be a local business person, shopkeeper, restaurant owner, chef. You must be able to ask and get answers to the questions listed below. An in-person interview is required. You do not have to interview someone famous. You can interview someone who arranges flowers for a living or who has a hobby painting or writes poetry. If you ask around to your friends, neighbors and relatives, you will find someone who has a creative side. Remember to let them talk. You need to be very polite and respectful. Your job is to simply interview them in person and make observations, write about these observations and to get their answers to the following questions:
1. Where do you think your ideas come from?
2. How do you know one of your creative ideas is a good one?
3. Besides time and money what keeps you from being even more creative?
4. Describe the process of how you take an idea from your ‘mind’ to having it become a reality?
5. What things, places, people enhance your creativity?
6. What things inhibit your creativity?
7. How do you try to nurture your creativity?
8. How do your personal values connect to your creativity?
As soon as you leave your interview jot down some notes about what you experienced while they were talking. Remember what they were wearing, the color of their eyes and the hand movements they made. Think deeply about which question seemed to be the most interesting to them. Consider if you feel more creative after spending time with them.
Paper: include the following:
• Introduction.
• A brief bio of the creative person you interviewed.
• Tell a story of something you learned that surprised you from this person.
• Give at least one example of something that encouraged you.
• Describe the creative process used by this person and link it to one of the models in Week 4 Documents and Resources
• Explain what you learned that will help you with your final creative project in this class.
• Make at least three (3) connections to the text books/readings from this class.
• Professionalism.
This paper should follow a professional style/format, using a minimum of three references from three of the textbooks/readings from this class. It should be free of typographical and grammatical errors.
Text Reference
Rowe, W. G., & Guerrero, L. (2013). Cases in leadership (3rd Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

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