Article Review for Capital Structure Policy

Topic: Article Review for Capital Structure Policy

Paper details:

You are asked to summarize a journal article in the areas of capital structure policy in your words along with some critiques on it.

Please do not just write what the article is about. Your summary and critique should be a thoughtful discussion of the article.

The length of double spaced 3-5 pages (12 point -Times New Roman font) would be desirable. Your paper must have separate sections for the “critiques” and your idea about a possible “follow-up research” in addition to the sections of the “summary.”

The sections of the summary include: (1) research motive or questions of the article (2) brief survey of the previous literature (3) main results and their economic interpretations. The section (s) of the critiques contain your critiques (the more is the better, but, it should be more than half page).
Your assignment will be graded based on the following criteria:

Overall Quality & Organization

Completeness of Written Summary

Critiques & Research Idea

Depth of Understanding of the main issues discussed in the article

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