Article relates to the self-assessment

b. Discussion:
i. Give a brief discussion of how the article relates to the self-assessment and how you can use the self-assessment results to contribute to an organization. This gives you the opportunity to add value to the discussion by sharing your experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Draw your peers into discussion of topics by asking questions. This is the most important part of the thread.
ii. Biblical Integration: Use at least one appropriate scripture verse or narrative from the Bible to support your discussion and use it in proper context. How can you apply Scripture to the assessment results?
c. References: Each reference and article read must adhere to current APA edition format. Include the complete URL for the selected article (use a persistent link for articles from the Jerry Falwell Library). These do not count toward the 250-word requirement.

  1. Threads are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the assigned Module: Week.
    To complete your replies:
  2. Read the threads of your classmates. Expect to spend some time each day reviewing all threads and replies, even those in which you are not involved.
  3. Write a reply of at least 100 words to at least 2 of your classmates’ threads. You should expect to answer questions posed within each discussion thread. Student interaction is key to success in this course.
  4. Replies are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) Monday of the assigned Module: Week. Both replies must be submitted together to earn credit for this portion of the assignment. If replies are submitted late, then they must be submitted in the same week (all at once) to earn credit. Replies submitted in multiple weeks will not be graded.
    Consult the accompanying rubric for how your instructor will grade this assignment. Also, any form of plagiarism, including cutting and pasting, will result in zero points for the entire assignment.
    Articles may be found in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, or any other reputable website that deals with business. You will be performing academic research, which utilizes reliable sources of information from reputable magazines or newspapers that are available in electronic format or hard copy. Sites that are absolutely not acceptable are:
    • Wikipedia
    • Commercial sites (usually a consultant’s web page, but may take other forms)
    • Blogs (be careful, some look very convincing)
    • Education sites (these usually do not contain articles, but rather lecture notes or student papers)
    You should utilize the Jerry Falwell Library portal for research, but note that some articles may not offer persistent links. If you utilize articles found in LexisNexis or other sites that are behind security walls, you will need to make the articles available to classmates by copying and pasting into a Microsoft Word document and attaching the document to the thread. If this is done, be sure that you include the references in current APA edition format at the bottom of the Discussion thread.

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