Art work

  1. Select one art work created by an artist discussed in Chapter 9. You may use a work discussed din the text, or another art work that you find on a museum website. Write the title, artist, and date that the artwork was created. Next, discuss how the artist explores cultural identity. Consider how they explore identity through images, actions and/or materials. Finally, explain if you think this work is successful in exploring American identity, and include a statement on why you selected this work. Your analysis should be no less than two well developed paragraphs. (Feminist Artists: Joan Semmel or Hannah Wilke)
  2. True or False: As their names suggest, Op Art and Pop Art are nearly identical in style and subject matter.
  3. What type of art can be identified by geometrical abstraction and based on the idea that there is no hidden meaning behind the work?
    a. Outside Art
    b. Funk Art
    c. Pop Art
    d. Minimalist Art
  4. What minimalist painter made large scale portraits of individuals using a grid format?______
    a. Frank Stella
    b. Mary Lucier
    c. Ana Mendieta
    d. Chuck Close
  5. A characteristic of Frank Stella’s early work was the use of:
    a. Canvases of different shapes.
    b. indistinct and wiggling lines to delineate amorphous shapes.
    c. Everyday objects to apply paint instead of brushes.
    d. Merging and overlaid colors.
  6. Give the title of this work, its artist and a brief description.
  7. Conceptual artists reacted to the expanding art market by:
    a. Flooding the market with bad art.
    b. Attempting to eliminate the art object.
    c. Emphasizing the material value of art.
    d. Imitating the mass‐produced objects of popular culture.
  8. Artists such a Vito Acconci rejected traditional artist’s materials and used what as their medium or canvas?
    a. Ready‐mades
    b. Their own body
    c. Neon lights
    d. ‘Junk’ materials
  9. Which art critic said that Feminist art was ‘neither a style or a movement’, but rather a ‘value system, revolutionary strategy’?
    a. Clement Greenberg
    b. Barbara Hepworth
    c. Lucy Lippard
    d. Betty Friedan
  10. ______ founded the black feminist art group as a reaction receiving minimal attention in other Black Arts groups like Spiral and The Studio Museum in Harlem.
    a. Faith Ringgold
    b. Judy Chicago
    c. Betye Saar
    d. Emma Amos

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