Arroyo Case Study

Arroyo Case Study

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Attached is the new direction of the paper my group is going with. Can you please write one paragraph IN BLUE for each of the headings below. I have also attached the case study as a reference and the directions for the paper.

1. Financial viability must be addressed.

2. Workforce gaps must be minimized. It’s essential to the success of the operations to increase clinical and specialized staff to manage the population.

3. Reduction of health disparities by increasing preventative services among diverse populations.

4. Provide quality medical services to uninsured patients.
5. Bridge fulfillment among volunteers, workers, and patients.

FYI: The Malcolm Baldrige Evaluation Criteria is being used by more and more organizations within health care as well as other types of organizations. Every year, the President of the United States awards several Baldrige awards to organizations which have exemplified quality. This case study is to help you to become familiar with the criteria and how quality organizations implement the criteria. Even if your organization doesn’t use Baldrige, we hope you will assess and analyze quality in Baldrige terms. There In this exercise, please analyze the organization and develop a new organizational strategy for the Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center. The strategy should be formulated using the information from the case study, including an analysis of the results, and should take into account current concerns including health care reform, the political environment in Arizona, the state of the economy, and leadership and management principles learned during the course.

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