argument supporting assisted suicide

argument supporting assisted suicide

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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is help you construct persuasive written arguments.
1. You must write an essay that advocates and supports one of the three propositions developed in your topic paper and as directed by your lab leader.

2. You must develop a proposition that clearly articulates the position to which your audience should adhere.

3. You must provide “good reasons” for your opinion. Each argument must be supported with evidence.

4. There should be a clear introduction, a thesis, a preview of the structure of the essay, a clear body to the essay where you make and support your arguments, and a conclusion.

5. Your paper should be typed, double spaced, and free of all grammatical and spelling errors.

6. The writer contains a reference page with at least 10 qualified sources. References are cited in appropriate MLA style.
7. Your paper must be two pages and should cite at least 5 sources

8. The essay parenthetically cites in appropriate MLA style.

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