argument essay

argument essay

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For this essay, you will focus on honing your abilities to create, explain, and support an argument within the context of an ongoing conversation. You will be required to choose two essays from the same topic from the packets posted to Moodle (you can choose from the following categories: “Debating the Drinking Age,”
“Debating Drugs in Sports,”
“Debating Intellectual Property,”
or “Debating the Effects of Digital Culture”
), and then you will have to do some research to find two more sources for a total of FOUR SOURCES.
In this essay, you will be required to develop your own position on the issue you choose. You will then choose two articles which support your viewpoint, and two which disagree/present a different view with your and engage with both of them. To demonstrate that you are aware of the full breadth of a conversation, it is important to address similar as well as opposing viewpoints. Discussing opposing ideas also makes your argument more well rounded and will, in essence, help you “cover all your bases.”

This essay should be your finest, most academic work of the semester. This means that I am NOT looking for a personal narrative, but a professional paper in which you logically and effectively present and defend an argument. You will be graded not according to the position you take on the issue, but on how well you communicate and present your ideas on the issue. Are you able to effectively use the rhetorical tools and writing strategies that we have learned about to craft a cohesive argument? Do you understand the importance of audience in shaping your essay? Are you able to organize your ideas in a way that others can understand? Do you have a clear, arguable thesis?

Grading Criteria:

• Length/formatting- Does the paper meet the length requirement, and is it formatted according to MLA standards?
? Sources/Evidence- Does the essay cite at least four outside sources from appropriate, academic material? Are the sources incorporated properly into the text of the essay? Is all of the evidence presented relevant to the main argument? Are the opposing viewpoints handled in an appropriate and academic manner? (65 pts)
? Citation- Does the essay properly cite the sources? This includes the in-text parenthetical citations as well as the formal Works Cited page at the end. All citations should follow MLA format. (25 pts)
? Thesis- Does the essay have a clearly defined and identifiable thesis at the end of the introduction? Does the thesis state the author’s opinion on the issue, and address the question “why?” Is the thesis an arguable statement, or simply a statement of fact or opinion? (20 pts)
? Organization- Is the argument organized in a logical fashion that is easy for the reader to follow? Is the evidence presented in an order that makes sense? How does the author balance between his/her viewpoint and the opposing arguments? (60 pts)

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