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argument essay

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this essay should be 600 words.

The general topic for the research paper is:
i This course’s research project, you must target your interests towards answering the following questions.
i If, was stated by a famous theorist of rhetoric, Professor Andrea Lunsford, “everything [is indeed] an
I argument,” what arguments are focused on a particular object many of us don’t usually think about? How
does this object relate to or emphasize something important about a particular culture? Why is this object
This essay will provide an overview of your topic! object, including a short critical analysis about 3 sources you
have found as you prepare to write the research-based argument essa in which you will assert an argument about

x the object you’re examining (due later in the semester).

i, For this essay, do the following:
Work on your research project, leading up to finding a selection of sources that you believe you could use for the
paper itself. From these sources, choose the best 3 sources. You’re not signing any contracts that these sources
will indeed be part of the research argument essay ultimately, but I encourage you to approach them seriously-~the
more likely that they will be useful in this paper, the more likely this assignment will help you in the writing of
that paper. For this assignment, construct a document in which you answer the following questions/address the
following issues:
You should have three (3) sources by the time you write this essay. Choose sources that reflect differences in
their origin or strategies of evidence (scholarly/expert opinion; primary sources/perspectives of average people;
popular sources in print or on the web, interviews, data from surveys, etc.)] Make references to each of these
sources as you address the following issues. Using in-text citations (signal phrases and/or parenthetical
references) and a works cited page, cite these sources when you’re using words or ideas from them. Use both (1)
quotations and (2) paraphrases from these sources (not necessarily both of these from each source) in your
A_ Explain the object you’ve chosen, the question or questions you wanted to ask about it, what you
found curious or perplexing about the object, and how you conducted your research (what you did).
3, As you’re discussing what you’ve done or are looking for, you may want to discuss your object in a
general sense: its history, the major ideas you’ve noticed about the object, possrble important issues
consider about it.
C Se sure to show or indicate, somewhere, how these three sources, overall, seem to relate to each other
or to the other sources you’ve found-~what do they offer that others don t or why do you regard them
as more important at least right now? H8: could Zhey 11:13:30“ answer this very general question that
ssi ment: The Everyday jCCL… see a V
i igniifijuifingg this research, what do you conclude about this topic? What have you learned? What
i D’ eld (hers know? What do you think others need to understand about your object? What wonld
sholllik:to persuade. them about or argue to them about this object? (This last step is crucial for the
next asSignmcnt-)
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