Arbitration Law Coursework Questions

Topic: Arbitration Law Coursework Questions

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1. The coursework assignment consists of two components: the legal problem question and the essay topic.
The length of response of legal problem questions should be roughly 78% of the total coursework. If there is a substantive connection between the two questions, there is no need to repeat the same analysis/ideas twice; you are allowed to refer to other parts of their coursework where necessary.

2. All propositions referred to in the coursework paper must be supported by an appropriate reference to a case, statute, book, article or another authority.

3. Words in footnotes must be included when taking into account the coursework word count. Words in title page and bibliography are not included in the word count.

4. OSCOLA standard of citation must be followed throughout the coursework. Footnotes must be included in the coursework. A bibliography must appear at the end of the coursework; there should be only one bibliography for the whole coursework. The bibliography must contain all relevant material consulted by the student, and material in the bibliography should be arranged under the following headings, where applicable:
– Case Law
– Legislation
– Books
– Articles
– Internet resources
– Other resources

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