Applying the Integrative Model

Applying the Integrative Model


In order to put quantitative research into a larger context, it is helpful to think about how the application of quantitative analysis may inform and shape the path of one’s research. You may recall that research methodology does not begin—nor does it end—with a decision to apply a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods design. In fact, that decision has a pivotal position in the process once predecessor factors, such as the research question and purpose statement, are in place.

The article “An Integrative Model for Teaching Quantitative Research Design,” by Corner, proposes a thought process as well as a staged research agenda. Thinking about your own potential Doctoral Study topic, how would you align your thought process with this integrative model? In DDBA 8427: Applied Research Methods—Qualitative and Quantitative, you were asked in one week to frame your research question, or a potential research question, in a way that would lend itself to quantitative analysis. Based upon your reading of the article, does this approach make sense for your Doctoral Study? Why or why not?
With these thoughts in mind:
Align your current thinking and potential quantitative research approach with the integrative model. Discuss the aspects of your interests that would benefit from an integrative approach, as well as any areas where your process might diverge. Devote special attention to the portions of the model that particularly apply to quantitative research. Also discuss which two of the proposed exercises from the article would be most beneficial to you and why. If you wish, you may choose to attempt the exercises and describe the results in your posting.
Please make sure every point mentioned about is discuss

This term we are dealing with quantitative methods… don’t know why we have to do this because I will NOT be doing this method however we must complete the assigned courses


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