Application of Theories and Evaluation

Application of Theories and Evaluation

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Paper 1 Specifics: Application of Theories and Evaluation

Description and Required Elements
Your first required essay for this course is an application of two theories (or perspectives) to one business situation, including an evaluation of the business situation in terms of the pair of theories that you have chosen. For example, you might apply both Kantian deontology and utilitarianism to layoffs, sometimes called “downsizing.” Or you might apply utilitarianism and virtue ethics to honesty in negotiating selling price or terms of a contract. Or, you might apply both the shareholder and stakeholders approaches to employees’ salaries, especially minimum wages.
It is better if you apply the theories to specific situations, and you are permitted—even encouraged—to derive your situation from your own experience or current events of the world. The three absolutely necessary elements of your essay are . . .

1) a thorough description of the situation that you are evaluating,
2) explanations, in your own words, of the two theories that you are applying, and
3) evaluations of that situation directly correlated to the basic principles of the two theories.

As you are encouraged to draw from your own experience, business experience in this context refers to situations that you have lived through as a consumer or potential consumer, stockholder, employer/business owner, manager, employee, or member of a community directly affected by a business’s operations. Current events refers to things happening right now such as Fuyao Glass announcing its intentions to open a manufacturing facility near Dayton, OH (while also making a substantial monetary gift to UD) or the University of Dayton itself announcing its plans to buy real estate on the banks of the Great Miami river. As a last resort for this paper, you may evaluate a case study from our text that we have not discussed in class, or with instructor’s permission, select a case study from another source. If you select a case study from another source, you must addend the primary source material to your essay. In any case, as implied above (see “1)”, you should not assume that the reader is familiar with the situation you are describing.
I strongly suggest that you express your thesis close to the beginning of your essay. It is always a good idea to include an introductory passage at the beginning of your paper to both engage the reader and briefly indicate your scope and purpose. You should review the criteria expressed above in “Grading” before you consider your paper complete and ready to submit. Of course, asking specific questions about your paper while you are working on it is acceptable and encouraged, as long as you ask these questions well before the paper is due!


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