Antony and Cleopatra

After reading Antony and Cleopatra, viewing at least one production, and listening to the audio lecture, you are now ready to discuss elements of the play here in discussion board virtual space. Choose just 2 of the questions below to write a 100 word minimum response to each question, quoting at least once from the play, citing the Act, Scene, and Lines. Use standard formatting for this–for example: (2.3.44-47) means Act Two, Scene Three, Lines 45 to 47.
Once you have posted two responses, then respond with a substantive answer to two of your classmates (not a compliment or a criticism per se, but a response to the content of the play as viewed by a classmate).

  1. Discuss the structure of the play. How do the quick scene changes affect the plot?
  2. Contrast Cleopatra with Octavia. How is each representative of her civilization?
  3. What is the Roman perception of Egypt? Should we have the same perception?
  4. If you are familiar with Romeo and Juliet (and many of us are), what are a few clear similarities and differences between these two plays?
  5. See Enobarbus’ description of Cleopatra (2.2.196-211). In addition to astonishing poetry, what is Shakespeare suggesting regarding the relative heights of Poetry and/or of Nature? As a side note to this question, please familiarize yourself with Sir Philip Sidney’s In Defense of Poetry.
    Watch the production (MLO 4.1)

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