Answering questions

Answering questions

Be very thorough. You shouldn’t need any other source than your text. If you do use other sources, make sure they are cited in the paper and are included on a reference page. Any words which are not your own, MUST be in quotes and cited. Failure to do so will result minimally in decreased points, or possibly a failure on the entire exam.

1. In our current society, how would a functionalist, a conflict theorist, a symbolic interactionist, and a critical theorist describe the process/selection/election of the President of the United States? (20 points).
2. How does social interaction change with group size? Give examples of the kinds of relationships that emerge in dyads, triads, and larger groups. (10 points)
3. Explain the Philosophy of Money and how it applies to our own culture. (10 points).
4. How do humans differ from animals in the use of symbols? How does the use of significant symbols demonstrate that the human mind and thinking emerge from social interaction? (5 points)
5. What is double consciousness and how is it related to the theories of Cooley and Mead? (10 points)
6. What did DuBois mean when he said that the problems experienced by Black Americans were a symptom of problems with the organization of social life? Identify and explain the elements that maintained the social organization? (20 points)
7. Identify and explain the elements of Mead’s theory of the development of the self in society? (10 points).
8. How might functionalism, conflict theory, sand symbolic interactionism explore prostitution differently from each other. What would be the approach of each? (15 points).
Please answer the questions as is
The book i am using is , Sociological lives and ideas by Fred C.Pampel second edition if you can please use this book when answering the questions.

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