answer the questions in a paragraph or two please;

answer the questions in a paragraph or two please;

Beginnings of the Overseas Empires: Who were the first overseas empires and why? How did technology and disease aid the conquests? Were these the only or even most important aspects of the spread? How did these new European empires differ from previous imperial models? How did religion factor into the attitudes and policies of these empires? What were the goals of these new empires? Where did profit come from? What were the factories (feitorias)? What role did environment play in imperial conquest?

East India Companies: What was the first important East India Company and why? Why were the Dutch different from their predecessors (Portuguese)? How did the structure of the VOC give it an advantage over rivals? Why was finance important? How did the British EIC mimic and differ from the Dutch and why did this prove to be advantageous? What were the important trade items and locations, and how did this change over time? How did European rivalries turn into colonial rivalries? What was the importance of the 7 Years War?

Imperial Repertoires : How did the imperial powers gain and exercise power over larger local populations? Was British rule more direct or indirect? What is soft power, and how does it strengthen the imperialist ruler? How did bureaucracy and law contribute to imperial power? How did education and medicine? Technology? Infrastructure? Why were the Sepoys so important for the British occupation? How did industrialization affect the imperial balance? What was the civilizing mission? How did the colonial powers like France and Britain conceive of their own roles within the colonies? What does it mean to “colonize the self?”

Gender, Race and Empire: How did European preconceptions of race influence colonial politics? How did pseudoscience justify these beliefs? How did race affect power relations? How did the Sepoy rebellion alter the colonial dynamic and racial attitudes in India? How did terminology exercise or reinforce power? How did cultural interpretations of gender and gender relations define colonial relations? What were the Victorian ideals of British 19th century life? How were masculinity and femininity contrasted between colonial and colonized societies? How did the British seek to civilize their colonial subjects? How did the British in practice violate or differ from their self-proclaimed values? What possible problems might arise from the British trying to save their colonized people? How did religion factor into this dynamic?

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