Analyzing Academic Language Instruction

Please pick two of the videos (linked below) to watch, write the response outlined below
In your response, please answer the following questions:

  1. Please give examples, from each video you watched this week, of the ways that teachers’ design and
    implementation of instruction supports content-area and literacy learning. Draw upon prior readings and
    modules to think about how teachers are introducing (and supporting!) kids to better understand academic
    language? How are they introducing (and supporting!) kids to use reading comprehension strategies? How
    are they introducing and supporting academic vocabulary? In your response, please use at least eight
    terms that have been discussed in prior readings, modules, and/or assignments (think Gee, Lent, Tovani,
    Nagy & Scott, Baker, Dowdy, etc.):
    Discourse/Discourse Community
    Word Knowledge
    Multidimensionality (of words)

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