Analytical Paper on the Walking down the Block scene in Miranda July’s movie, Me and You and Everyone We Know

Analytical Paper on the Walking down the Block scene in Miranda July’s movie, Me and You and Everyone We Know
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In general, for this type of analytical paper you should:
-Propose an issue or question. Make a claim (also known as a thesis).
-Explore your thesis through careful analysis of one film and secondary material.
-Use evidence from the film and readings to create and support your argument.
-Discuss the implications of this argument.
-Have a clearly structured, coherent and persuasive account of your exploration.
-Have a conclusion.
You are writing about the scene where Christina and Richard walk down the block together in Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We Know and how the two characters walking down the street together bluntly expresses love and the awkwardness of humans in relationships through its mise-en-scene and cinematography. I will attach a document containing more information about your specific topic that you will explore for this paper. Now that your topic has been established, you have to figure out your connection to the film, develop a topic and conduct your research. This means watching the film again, taking notes, doing close readings of the scene where the two characters walk down the block in the film, reading articles and reviews, finding historical background and theoretical essays. At the end of this research process you have an organized outline with your ideas, evidence from the film that helps you structure your arguments and conclusions.
The writing process may seem like just a short and easy “reporting” of your conclusions, but it has challenges of its own. You should do justice to your thinking by presenting it in the best format: MLA writing style, flowing argumentative structure, good transitions, connected arguments, full exploration of each point, and a strong conclusion. You should imagine a reader who reads your paper and says: “I didn’t realize that focusing on this element could have such an effect on how we understand the film…I have to think more about this now…” Your style and clear exposition will enable this communication between you and your reader.

This paper is an opportunity for you to propose a specific new way of understanding the film or films of your choice. You are writing as a critic, not as a reviewer. You should have a clear persuasive argument, involve the film intimately in your discussion, use theoretical and critical materials with thoughtfulness and complexity, show your expository writing abilities, and keep your reader in mind.

Here are some things to KEEP IN MIND:
• You have to use the film intimately in your discussion.
• You have to ask ambitious and interesting questions and explore them through the film.
• You have to construct an argument, and use evidence from the film to prove your thesis.
• You have to have a thesis.
• Your thesis has to be related to and emerging from the film and your visual analysis.
• You have to emphasize filmic and visual elements (not plot).
• You have to use technical vocabulary to make precise observations about the film.
• You have to use critical and theoretical materials with thoughtfulness and complexity.
• You have to follow up your points by discussing the effect and impact of what you argue.
• You have to have a conclusion.

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