Analytical paper

Analytical paper

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Analytical paper on book called Crisis Cities: Disaster and Redevelopment in New York and New Orleans

In your paper, respond to the
following questions:

To what extent does this book reflect the “four principles of urban political economy” [text, 191-193]?

In what ways? What other urban studies concepts are relevant to understanding what occurred in these

cities after these disasters? How were the situations and results in New York and New Orleans

different? How are they similar? Why? What do you conclude about the impact of these policies on

these cities? What is your reaction to these case studies? Give specific examples from throughout the

book. When citing brief quotations or paraphrasing from the book, show the page number in

parentheses—for example: [71].

You are free to agree or disagree with any or all of the authors’ viewpoints, arguments,
and conclusions.

This is an analytical paper, not a research paper.

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