Analysis of curriculum and instruction

Topic: Analysis of curriculum and instruction

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Writer must be very familiar with The California Edition of McDougal Littell World History-Ancient Civilizations. 2006 – 6th Grade Social Studies text book
Need to write a curriculum evaluation Report
Assignments says

Instructional leaders have the responisiblity to monitor the effectiveness of programs and curriculum on a continuous basis. To meet this challenge, you will conduct a curriculum evaluation. An adequate number of original references should support this work, and APA format must be used.

Describe the curriculum, including its foundational elements (eg, philosophical, historical) and purpose, identify the curricular aims, goals and objectives; explain the rationale for evaluating the curriculum and present an overview of the curriculum evaluation process. Conduct the evaluation and provide the results. Note: your evaluation of a curriculum need not be comprehensive. You may elect to focus on issues of internal alignment, alignment to professional standards, alignment between curriculum and assessment or other focused facets of the curriculum.

The written requirement are as follows

1. Overview of the program/curriculum model
-Describe the curriculum and the major discussion and debates related to the model
-Describe the program / curriculum aims, goals and/or objectives
-Describe the context in which the program/curriculum is being implemented
-Determine what is to be evaluated

2. Describe the purpose and focus of the evaluation (May use one of the evaluation models provided in the readings)
-Describe what will be evaluated (Example: Evaluation of goals or evaluation of implementation)
-What indicators will be used to evaluate the program/curriculum (Outcomes, process, inputs, subject matter content, course syllabi)

3. Evaluation Findings
-Describe your findings (Explain: how well the program implements the curriculum)
-How do your findings compare with findings from empirical studies (Describe at least one empirical research study regarding the effectiveness of the model)
-Explain how the findings support or do not support your findings

4. Conclusion
-What is your overall analysis of this curriculum/program?
-What are areas of improvement (Curriculum alignment, preparation to use the curriculum, instruction and/or assessment0?


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