An Innovation Fuel Podcast (IF)

Watch an Innovation Fuel Podcast (IF) related to strategic management topic and reflect on it (please see below) . Expected to analyze and critique the content of the podcast.
Episode 45 – September 7, 2021
The First Step
On this week’s episode of Innovation Fuel, we welcome Kim Kaplan, CEO of Snack, a video-first dating platform that looks to merge the popularity and format of TikTok with the dating world. Kim shares her experience working in the dating app industry and how that inspired her to create the innovative app.

  1. Analyzing organizational goals and objectives
  2. Analyzing the External Environment of the Firm.
  3. Assessing the internal environment of the firm.
  4. Assessing a firm’s intellectual assets.
  5. Formulating business-level strategy
  6. Formulating corporate-level strategy.
  7. Formulating international strategy.
  8. Formulating entrepreneurial strategy and competitive dynamics.
  9. Actions needed to implement the formulated strategy.

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