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amy tan

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Overview: For this assignment, students will be combining two CORE assignments, the research essay and the literature analysis essay, into one lengthy paper. This assignment will mimic, in content only, the critical casebooks produced in the text book. Students will begin their critical casebook with a 2 page biography of any author of the student’s choice. The student will then complete a minimum 3 page analysis of two work(s) by using one or two literary approaches. Students should use the views of other published critics to help them support their analysis.
The essay should feature an introduction with a thesis to set up the ENTIRE paper. This will be followed by an estimated 2 page biography of the author, a 3 page analysis of the author’s works, including summaries of the work and critic observations to support a student’s opinion, followed by the student’s conclusion to the paper. Students choosing only the biographical approach may arrange the essay as they see fit. This means students who wish to analyze an author’s work or works through the biographical approach may do so throughout the paper and incorporate the biography throughout the analysis. These students MUST still meet the page requirement for the paper.
Essay Requirements: ? Cover page ? Minimum of 5 pages not including the cover page or works cited page ? In-text citations throughout paper; a paragraph should utilize multiple citations by different authors illustrating the student’s ability to combine research ? Minimum of 7 sources presented on a Works Cited Page and in-text
Essay Topic: ? Students must choose any published author. Students may not choose an author discussed in class. ? Students may choose a maximum of two works by the author to analyze. Works may include short stories, poems, plays, or novels. Students may choose fiction or non-fiction. The only limitation for students, in reference to the choice of works, is that they may not choose a work that has been discussed in class. ? Students may choose a maximum of two critical approaches to analyzing literature.

im using the author Amy Tan
Im using the biographical approach
one of her works im using is the Joy Luck club and you can choose another works


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