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Module 7 Honors Assignment – The Civil Rights Era and Post War America Page

Module 7 Honors Assignment: The Civil Rights Era and Post-War America

Directions: Your task is to create a multimedia presentation using PowerPoint or any other Web 2.0 tool of your preference. In your presentation, you must include information about the following topics from the Civil Rights Era and Post-War America:
•Brown v. Board of Education
•Rosa Parks
•Martin Luther King, Jr.
•Greensboro Sit-Ins
•Little Rock Nine
•March on Washington
•Civil Rights Act 1964
•Freedom Summer
•Voting Rights Act 1965
•Montgomery Bus Boycott
•Latino Movement
•Native American Movement
•Feminist Movement
•Roe v. Wade

Your presentation should follow the following guidelines:
1.Organize in chronological order
2.A minimum of one slide per topic
3.A minimum of three significant facts about each topic
4.A minimum of one graphic illustration per slide
5.Sources for images and information should be provided

After you have completed the Module 7 Honors Assignment, please submit here

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