alternative therapy

alternative therapy

select one alternative therapy and decide whether it would be a useful recommendation for one specific illness (ex diabetes) or condition (pain). a good question to guide you would be “is my answer to this as outlined below.
this assignment has two sections. the first one is an annotated bibliography of 5 articles. the second part is an assessment based on the findings in the 5 articles. this assessment should lead to a clear conclusion about the role of the alternative therapy in your practice.

i will provide the articles for you and send it to you once im finished with this box.

two of the articles should be trail and you find it within the 5 articles that im sending you.

there should be a discussion about the potential mechanism of action of the therapy, adverse effects, interaction and/or contraindications for chosen alternative therapy as much as possible. the exact discussion will be framed by the articles that are used for the annotated bibliography, as those articles are your only source for the assessment. A clear conclusion as to the potential role for this therapy in your nur

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