Agile Project Management thrives on efficiency

A common way for Agile teams to optimize their efficiency is to estimate how much work they can accomplish in any given time period (Merrill, 2021). By optimizing their efficiency by accurately predicting how much work can be done, less re-work and defects are encountered.
Using Story Points and Function Points are two common methods of estimating Agile workloads. Although they are different, they are not mutually exclusive and can be used in combination with one another. Below are descriptions of these methods (Estimancy, 2019):
• Story Points. These are units based on team perception. The level of complexity and comprehension determines the amount of effort. This requires collaboration within the team and is generally a faster way f estimating workload than Function Points.
• Function Points. The units quantify features in relation to client needs. Function Points are standard units that can be replicated. Tallying Function Points requires an expert or an automated tool/solution.
Another method that is used is estimate workload is to estimate the number of hours required to complete a task and then parse it out logically (Merrill, 2021). For example, if you have 40 hours in a work week, you do not want to schedule 50 hours of work.

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