After Action Report

You have been hired to produce an incident after-action report in which you have been tasked with providing feedback to senior government officials on the
performance of various response teams during the disaster event.
You report should be in the form of a memo.
Your memo should answer the following questions:
-what are the factors that need to be assessed to determine if the outcomes of the response to this crisis would indicate that it -was a success or a failure?
-what was done?
-what was done correctly?
-what could have been done better?
-what should be done in the future?
It should also include the most efficient, effective, and seamless transition from the present stage and situation of the crisis to the closing out the response
to beginning the recovery process.
You must address all of the critical issues and factors that will allow for this transition. You must be very detailed in your response to this question. It is a
comprehensive rendition of the previous terms and issues covered from the onset of this course.

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