African American

  1. What is your group’s history related to prejudice and discrimination?
    · What are the legal, political, and economic challenges facing this group?
    · What are historical and current forms of individual and institutionalized discrimination facing this group?
  2. If applicable, what is your group’s immigration experience?
    · What are levels of assimilation?
    · What are immigration trends over time?
  3. What are your group’s health outcomes?
    · How have prejudice and racism affected your group’s health?
    · What is your group’s access to medical care and medical insurance?
    · What are major illnesses affecting your group?
    · What are the leading causes of death?
    · What are the most pressing healthcare challenges facing your group today?
  4. What are best practices for health care practitioners who engage with this group?
    · Verbal and nonverbal communication style
    · Cultural considerations
    · Beginning and end-of-life decisions
    · Dietary guidelines

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