Adwords Temple

Adwords Temple

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Finish the Upload excel, and change sheet 2 and 3. My brand is Lenovo
Using ZMOT Worksheet (from MIDTERM) and your knowledge about the company website you chose, you need to build sample AdWords (Search) campaign.

First Review information on:
– How to Build the Best Keyword List ( and
How to Create Successful Ad Text (
Use AdWords Template from Week 2 Assignment (2nd Tab)

For this week you’ll have to add Keywords and AdTexts to 10 of the 50 AdGroups that you’ve created few weeks ago.

Each AdGroup needs a minimum of 10 keywords and minimum of 2 ad texts per AdGroup

Total of 100 keywords and 10 ad texts.
Attach completed excel template as your submission (make sure it’s the correct version).

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