Advocating For APN Roles

Advocacy is a critical skill for APNs to have for promoting solutions to health concerns within a community.
Identify a health issue in your community or state. Discuss a systems-level advocacy strategy to address the
concern. In the strategy, students should identify specific groups or individuals that they would target as well as
how they would target these individuals. For example, a student may choose to contact a legislator with a
letter-writing campaign and would describe strategies for implementing that campaign.
There are three troublesome issues that have emerged in the advancement of APRN practice. These issues in
APRN include: 1) the clear role development and morphed to fill gaps in services; 2) the lack of clarity
regarding role uniqueness; and 3) the dearth in nursing specific outcomes. From your readings this week,
discuss 1 of the 3 questions. Begin your discussion with the question you will be addressing.
Why might the development and morphing of roles based on gaps in medicine be problematic for advancement
of APRNs? What actions might a nurse take to reduce this? In what ways can an APRN distinguish his or her
role from other nursing roles and medical counterparts? Why might this be important? How can APRNs
encourage nursing-based outcome studies?

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