ADA, FMLA, USERRA Scenario Paper

ADA, FMLA, USERRA Scenario Paper

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This project is involved in a business simulation entitled Columbus Custom Carpentry (CCC) and it will be used for a course called Legal Issues and Compliance (Advanced). This simulation is meant to be presented as close as possible to the way you may encounter it in working life. Your role is that of a newly hired HR manager. You will need to learn about the (fictional) company by reading the PDF, Word, and Excel documents I provide. Doing this will give you an overview of the fictional company and allow you to create this two-page paper easier. Here are the specific directions: Discuss as the HR Manager how you would address each of the 5 fictional scenarios from an HR perspective found inside the “CCC Scenarios” Word document. You will be completing the assignment within this document. There is no need to make any format changes to the document or create a new one (please again don’t change the formatting, you can ignore the MLA/APA part of this assignment), just answer the questions where you are directed to within that document. There should be 4 additional files uploaded along with this order for the writer. Thanks!

CCC Scenarios
Consider the following questions in each scenario’s response.
1.    How would you address each situation?
2.    What steps would you take to address it?
3.    What documentation would you need to create (if applicable)?
4.    What forms do you need for the FMLA scenarios? (FMLA only)
5.    Is the current Rolling Calendar Method of tracking FMLA working or would you recommend some other method? Why? (FMLA only)

Scenario 1-ADA
Cheryl Rouse was injured on the job 2 months ago on the job with a hand injury. She was not following proper safety procedures now has nerve damage in her hand. As a result she is unable to perform the essential functions of her previous job.
She has been on light duty performing tasks that were suitable per her doctor.
She is now requesting that she be given a different job within the company as she is unable to return to her previous position.
What is your response to her request?

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Scenario 2-USERRA
John Carver was deployed overseas with his National Guard unit 6 months ago and is returning in a week. You have not received his application for reinstatement and his position was being temporarily been filled while he was deployed. The new employee is doing well.
What do you do in this circumstance?

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Scenario 3-FMLA
David Coleman came just informed his supervisor that his mother is dying of cancer and she is in the last stages of the disease. He is requesting FMLA leave to take care of her and be with her.
Will you grant or deny the leave under FMLA? Why or why not?
Scenario 3-FMLA Cont.
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Scenario 4-FMLA
Brooke Vasko has worked for Columbus Custom Carpentry for over 6 years and is currently pregnant and is eligible for FMLA leave. She has taken intermittent leave during her pregnancy when she went to the doctor and came in late for morning sickness. She is due to deliver in 4 weeks and would like to take 6 weeks of leave.
Do you grant this leave based on the current amount of time taken on your tracking form?

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Scenario 5-FMLA
Nikki Messer is a 13 year employee who has been taking intermittent FMLA leave for migraine headaches for the last few months. You are suspicious of the leave even though the paperwork has been submitted.  Nikki has had attendance issues in the past. She has also had other performance issues and was close to being terminated.
Analyze the data in the FMLA tracking worksheet and PDF files involving Nikki Messer.
What can you glean from the data? What concerns do you have?
What are your next steps in this situation?

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