Achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

Which of the Rhetorical Appeals are employed?
The article’s primary focus is on the use of logos. Using data and logic, the author argues that achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is a good idea since it will lead to the creation of half a million new jobs, an improved energy infrastructure, and the avoidance of hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths (Cheung, 2020). Data, statistics, graphs, pertinent examples, and other forms of proof appropriate to the topic are all used throughout the essay to appeal to logos. Statistics on topics such as the increase in global temperatures and the output of carbon emissions by the United States are cited (Cheung, 2020). The effectiveness of the appeals to Ethos and Pathos is determined by the degree to which the reader values the discussed subject.
To what extent are these appeals effective?
In the article, the use of the rhetorical device Logos was effectively illustrated. The writing style and selection of supporting materials demonstrate the claims’ validity. Trustworthy sources, including academic studies and in-depth interviews with industry insiders, have backed up all claims. Logos is an appeal to evidence, specifically numerical data and other hard facts (Grant, 2019).
Where were the appeals ineffective?
The information in the article seems reliable and accurate. However, some readers may not respond to the emotional appeal since they are not personally invested in the topic.
Who is the audience of the source? How effectively does the speech align with its audience?
Everyone who has an interest in the topic can be the target audience for this article. It can be tailored to environmental activists, experts, and even average folks concerned about the environment’s state. By providing a wider look at the worldwide environmental situation, the speech either resonates with the listeners’ understanding or coincides with theirs.
How do you plan on using each rhetorical appeal for your paper?
While employing ethos, I would back up my claims with evidence from reliable sources and demonstrate that I have a firm grasp of the material. To use logos, I would compile and show evidence to back up my views. To employ pathos, I focus on the topic’s ramifications for the reader, either on an individual or social level, to make an emotional appeal.

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