Accounting report

Role: As the newly assigned Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of UBER

You are drafting the year end report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The organisation is running a study to track and highlight the two most significant (macro)economic challenges that are likely to affect the organisation’s performance in the foreseeable future and to propose strategies to deal with those challenges in the most effective way. With a view to highlighting the accounting input in these strategies, you plan to focus on identifying specific financial or management accounting tools that could facilitate the organisation in dealing with the identified challenges.

The report shall include four key parts.

  1. The first part shall include financial highlights over the last four accounting periods, a brief description of the challenges that you identified (along with a justification for choosing them) and an evaluation of how these challenges have already affected financials. This part is your opportunity to exhibit your data analytics skills by gathering financial information into a spreadsheet, producing relevant ratios and plots and you can then input into the report. When plotting the key ratios that you choose, add a line for the industry average or a peer firm of your choice. Assessing relative performance when dealing with macroeconomic challenges is a crucial step. This first part of the report shall not exceed 3 pages.
  2. The second part shall include one page theoretical diagram for each of the two challenges identified in 1) that fully and accurately reflects the associations. In the diagram you shall demonstrate the financial or management tools that you identified as enabling the organisation to deal with the challenge, the channels/actions through which these tools enable each organizational to deal with the challenge, and the desired outcomes achieved by the undertaken actions . You may decide the level of detail and type of information to enter the diagrams so long it is in one page per challenge identified. The diagrams should be part of your presentation to the CEO so they shall reflect the essence of your analysis for the particular organization as fully and accurately as possible. This part of the report shall not exceed 2 pages.
  3. The third part of the report shall include a summary of all key points emanating from each diagram of part 2. This is the part where you can explain in detail how the financial or management accounting tools that you identified in part 2 help the organization chosen deal with the identified challenges. This part of the analysis shall not exceed 2 pages.
  4. The fourth and final part of the report shall conclude the analysis and provide the CEO founded recommendations for the way forward. This is the part where you aggregate your analysis to offer the CEO specific action points. This part of the analysis shall not exceed 2 pages.

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