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Answer the following questions
1. How much is the amount and accumulated $ 102.750 simple interest; 5.375% for seventy (70) months?

2. Find the difference between simple interest accurate and ordinary simple interest in calculating $ 112.180 to 6.546% for 45 day?

3. If you deposited $ 18.750 to what%, accumulate the amount of $ 25.800 in thirty semesters?

4. Halle amount and $ 81.150 compound interest 9 1/8% for about 20 years calculated:
i. annually
j. continually
k. quarterly
l. monthly
5. How much money do you need to deposit into your investment account to have $ 86,350.00 after twenty years at 5.5% interest calculated annually?

6. If you decide to open an IRA of $ 4.500 each year with your partner, offering you a 5 ½% annual interest for 30 years. How muchwill the amount and accruedinterest?

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