Access to Primary and Maternity Care Services

In the New York area there are consumers who have either no insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or some type of commercial insurance. Race, income, and age
play major roles in determining what, if any, insurance a person will have. For your paper you must discover how a patient’s financial class (primary insurance
status) will affect their access to both hospital-based and non-hospital-based health care services. For example, for primary and maternity care, you will be
exploring hospital-based for delivery and non-hospital-based for primary and pre-natal care.
Core research questions:
1) Does insurance status play an essential role in accessing services and thereby contribute to health disparities?
2) Should all providers be required to see patients regardless of ability to pay?
3) If so, what financial problems would that requirement create?
4) Is there sufficient funding for institutions that provide care regardless of ability to pay?
After gathering data, please write a paper of between 2,000- and 2,500-words excluding title page, charts, tables, and references. The paper should answer all
the questions referred to in the “core research question” section. You should answer the questions in a narrative flow that clearly signals the question being
answered without using a “Q&A” format.

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