Abortion/Fertility treatments: Ethics and money

Abortion/Fertility treatments: Ethics and money

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Essay title: Abortion/Fertility treatments: Ethics and money
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Show that the ethic of abortion/IVF presupposes a capitalist medicine (e.g., analyse J.J. Thomson’s argument in favour of abortion), and argue why legalization of any of these serves primarily capitalist interests and only secondarily women’s interests (show, for example, that the rights she has in relation to reproduction are only those that are compatible with the capitalist logic).

The focus should be on sociology/history (i.e. explanations), not philosophy (i.e. justifications). In any event, support your claims with as much literature as possible.

Abstract : The abstract should contain a sentence or two about the matter, how you intend to tackle it, and your most general conclusions.
Introduction explaining the matter, describing what you intend to do, how, and why.
Text divided to chapters as necessary — e.g. background; argument, discussion, etc.
Conclusions: provide a summary of the essay with your conclusions.
References. Please use Chicago or Vancouver style, and do so consistently. at least 30 references should be included.

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